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The power of 'words'



You miss it when you leave it. ..

This is one of rest areas in Selorejo... located in Malang. ....


Kids' Language

A week ago I happened to go home, to my parents' house.
I met my two heroes.. (that's how I call my nephews) ^___^
I haven't seen them for around 5 months and found many changes in them.
From the way they act to the way they talk..
I did study Second Language Acquisition and found certain cases in one of my nephews.
He started to use certain words of English.
He even taught me some words..
That impressed me a lot since when he was younger I was the one who taught him to say things in English.
One day, I asked him to do something and I forgot to say thanks, then he smiled at me and said "you should say thank...." waiting for my response, and it seemed that he couldn't wait any longer since he told me to continue the word 'thank..' 
I opened my eyes widely and tested him "thank what?"
Then he answered "thank you...you should say thank you to me"
Not only that, he also taught me the word 'speed bump'
When we were in the car and suddenly passed through some speed bumps he said "those things are speed bump... speed... bump..."
hahaha things change really fast, I cannot notice one by one... 



When I see mothers, I keep learning and understanding the way they do everything ..I see my mom is the best , I guess everyone will vote for their own mother haha..

Anyway, my mom is a modern woman; she has a wonderful career, which of course makes me think that being a woman is not merely being at the kitchen.

Women have lots of opportunities to do whatever they like without feeling guilty.
For some societies, being women is being mothers, meaning: staying at home and taking care husband and kids.

In my family, my big family to be précised, being a woman means being who you are. There is no limitation of the things you want to do, you have your own rule when to start and when to quit.
My grandpa, used to tell me about the importance of having a bright career in our life. It’s about fulfilling our spiritual and material needs.

I know the pleasure of having a good career. It’s like you can pick your fave stuffs and fave societies.
By the way...I happened to have an exclusive opportunity to stay in one’s family which I call as my new family. The mother here loves cooking and has a small shop at home, which makes her to be absolutely different from my mom. She stays at home all the time, focusing on her shop and family. She sometimes cooks for big occasions, however, she never experiences the so-called business trips or business meeting as my mom always does. She never enjoys reading newspapers or books like my mom does and this causes her to have limited way of thinking. She thinks locally not globally. She always believes that women should spend all their time to give the best service for their family and men should not get involved into house’s stuffs.  From this point, I see the discrepancy of thoughts between two mothers and two families.
My mom never closes her eyes to anything. She is an open minded person which makes her so beautiful in every way.  My dad is a respectable man who also thinks that women should be very smart in every occasion, inside and outside the house, not only inside the house. He is always proud of being a husband who can respect his wife’s choices and support her in every way. They share the housework which creates an independent family ever.

One thing that I keep in mind is even though my mom has a busy life as a career woman she never forgets to take care of my dad and all of her children. She can put her family above the other things and she can still manage her time very well to build her career. I’m proud of being one of her children yet I don’t underestimate other mothers who choose to spend their lifetime to stay at home and be good housewives.

Life is a choice. Each choice has its own responsibility. Whether it is tough or light, still it is something to be lived.


Discrepancy... not anyone’s fault (I)

Love, when it comes to marriage.. is like entering a totally different world..
I’m not saying that the meaning would change, but the focus would absolutely change.
In other words, a couple who spend a day without having commitment as husband and wife might not think of the so-called kid. Perhaps some do consider about this but I believe it’s only for those who 100% love kids.

The point is . . .

Men and women tend to have a different goal in living this life. For women who do not have high education background tend to follow their husbands without having the reasons or let’s say the right reasons to do it. They have no power needed to deny their husbands although what the husbands do might not be proper.

The funny thing is; God always decides this way.. setting a powerful man up to a weak lady.. which is in certain ways none can uncover this fact. However, because of the difference somehow some couple survive better. Which is again, very funny. Let’s take an example: you have a discussion with some friends about something then you are in the cons part, I believe that you whatever happens would defend your argument to show the right points based on your paradigm. It is to say, if this situation happens in a marriage life, then, what happen?
Well, some couples who are deeply into it would may be act as nothing happen, while others who never imagine things will work that way can end up in the court with excellent lawyers.
Everything on earth can be seen from many sides. It’s like two sides of a coin. Just flip and you’ll see the other part. Anyway, life wouldn't  be that easy since we people, human being, are likely to see it not only from two sides.

In a marriage where the women have high education, things won’t go easier, it might be more complicated since women would not only do but think. Their paradigm of life tries to suit the others around her. They, tend to be more modern, and are able to find the smart ways in solving any problems even though  the way they think might not be understood by others especially their husband. This would create incomparable argument in which their thoughts experiencing dramatic discrepancy.

How to solve?

They should go back to the first time they say “yes for the marriage”. It will somehow refresh their mind about the huge feeling they might have back in those days.
Is it easy? No, BIG NO, since everyone cannot just go back to see what’s behind them while they have gone far away from that.

However, some are willing to do that... while others not, especially those who have tried to deny any negative thoughts before getting into marriage.


Well, since they couldn't solve the problem in the early marriage, they will live with it like forever. Some couples who realise the fact that they actually cannot be together in a marriage will not go further on the whole things by cancelling the wedding, but those who feel the same way and surrounded by their family won’t have a huge capacity to do anything except trying to go through with it and find a way to fix it.

Pretty risky? Yes, but life would be very boring if everything goes on the right path without any bump.
Am I right on this? 

The best advice is .. find your true love, find a soul mate (literally) who can suits your intelligence, no matter what, even if you need 10 years, someday you’ll thank God for that.


This Is It.. PART 7.... ^_^

"It doesn't take a long time to realize that someone is in love or attracted to others, but somehow it takes years to finally find someone just your type.. "

Joey stopped reading an article written by one of her journalists. She closed her eyes and turned on the music, Incognito which might be the best answer to refresh her mind.
She never realized that one of her partners in publishing business was one of her types. A modern man whose thoughts suit her paradigm, whose attitudes
 resemble to hers in every way.
"it's really annoying....."
"what is so annoying...?"
Lena popped up a question when she suddenly entered the room. Joey was surprised, She opened her eyes, then smiled and said: "you know Lena... it's annoying when you finally meet someone you had been looking for ... like.. years..but you cannot change the things since you have your commitment with someone else.."
Lena sat on the table and starred at her close friend. Her eyebrows were lifted and her mouth was frozen then it was opened slowly.
"I'm not following.. sorry.. what are you talking about?"
"It's about the guy just my type.."
"No idea.."
"Well... you know this man.. He's one of our business relations"
"Hold on.. are you saying that you like someone other than your boyfriend?"
"Hmmm.. I'm not saying that I like him.. but.. I might have a special feeling for him.."
"Oh Dear, you are in trouble.. don't mess up with your beautiful life dear... it's your future for God sake..!"
"I know.. I'm not trying to jeopardize my life.. my future.. it's just strange.. awkward... it's like.. you lost your fave stuff and suddenly you find it.. it's such a miracle.. you know.."
Lena put her hands in the air and stood in front of Joey.
"Ok.. it's your life.. it's your future.. I'm just one of your external factors..I'm out.. call me when you are done with your work.."
Joey smiled starring at her best friend walking out her room and again read the article she had to edit.

(To be continued)